Private Consultancy

The team at onBoard have a wide range of skills, experiences and qualification's to support all levels of business. Confidential services include strategic planning advice support , professional learning and development resources and workshops, Human Resource Management, Professional coaching and appraisal as well as Self Review and Audits of practice.

Strategic & Annual Planning

We can support you and your governance / management team to create a robust boarding strategic plan including annual documents and templates that support you in achieving your vision 


Let us support you to ensure your self review meets all legislative requirement, monitors student progress and achievement, and assesses the effectiveness of your learning, pastoral and business management practices. 

Human Resource Managaement

We can support you in the development of your HR practises. From developing robust processes through to contractual, job descriptions and staff appraisal systems that meet your needs

Professional Learning & Development

Do you have a particular need for relevant specialised PLD for you or your staff?

Let us know and we can tailor PLD(one off, or ongoing) to support you and your team

Leadership Coaching & Appraisal

We offer support, guidance and coaching for leaders and managers in boarding. This can include external appraisals and reviews, as well as ongoing coaching and mentoring.