Our Company

onBoard Education Group offers clients a range of professional services and products to support their business growth and productivity.

The team at onBoard have a wide range of skills, experiences and qualification's to support all levels of business. Confidential services include strategic planning advice support , professional learning and development resources and workshops, Human Resource Management, Professional coaching and appraisal as well as Self Review and Audits of practice.

A feature of the company is its world leading Boarding Management software. Developed by experts in the field, onBoard provides the customer with a practical solution to all your management needs. Packed with features the onBoard software revolutionises  the way boarding schools operate, communicate and engage all of its stakeholders.

Jon McDowall - Director

Jon has over a decade of experience as a senior leader in education. Jon has Post Graduate qualifications in educational leadership and management and is a member of the NZ Boarding Schools Association Executive. Jon has been invited to speak at international boarding conferences and has specific skills & knowledge in strategic planning & management, human resource management. Jon is a qualified and practicing educator and sits on a number of boards as a trustee and advisor.

Kyleigh Lyth - Director

Kyleigh is currently a Director of Boarding for a preparatory school and has previously held a number of management positions in secondary boarding environments. Kyleigh's experience in boarding includes working within the private and public sector across both single sex and co-educational boarding environments. Kyleigh has attended national and international conferences to present on a range of hands on topics in boarding. Kyleigh has particular skills in pastoral care, welfare and knowing how to link boarding school systems to meet the needs of all students and staff. Additional to Kyleigh's boarding knowledge she has experience in school governance, policy and procedure. 

Anthony Lyth - Director

Anthony is the IT specialist within onBoard group. Anthony liaises closely with our team of programmers to ensure the onBoard design and functionality continues to meet the needs of our clients. Additional to programming Anthony has highly specific skills in networking, particularly in the education sector. 

Jade McDowall - Director

Jade is the business manager for onBoard Group. Aside from this Jade works in, and is currently completing ongoing post graduate studies in education. Jade has specific knowledge and skills in educational psychology including behaviour management and student wellbeing.